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  Educational and Therapy Programme  
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  Educational and Therapy Programme  

Educational & Therapy Programmes

To provide effective and targeted interventions, we designed structured treatment programmes to meet the needs of specific subgroups in the recovering community. Some of these specialised treatment programmes are catered for adults, youth or women with history of abuse and addiction. We also provide programmes tailored specifically for family members who are struggling with addiction within their homes.

Our popular programmes include the following:

U.S.B.A. (Understanding Substance & Behavioural Addictions Programme)
This programme assists people in recovery to explore their addiction and recovery process. It helps them to identify their biggest triggers, personal relapse patterns, potential barriers to seeking help and develop everyday coping skills. Participants also benefit from sharing and learning from one another’s experiences, allowing for a more meaningful session.

F.I.R.E. (Facilitated In-house Recovery Education Programme)
This is a structured and intensive 13-sessions programme to help ex-offenders who suffer from addiction. The primary objective of the programme is for the participants to achieve a stable and substance-free lifestyle. It aims to reintegrate participants into society as productive individuals through psycho-education about relapse, prevention and recovery. Focus areas include an understanding of addictions, managing triggers and cravings, coping with strong negative emotions and family support. 

A.I.M. (Anger Intensive Management Programme)
Anger is a powerful emotion. It is also one of the major causes of relapse. A.I.M. is designed specifically to help recovering persons who have difficulties managing their anger or express negative emotions effectively. This psycho-educational and skill-based programme allows participants to develop a new set of coping behaviours to address the most problematic area in their lives.

S.T.E.P.S. (solution to Every Problem Sober Programme)
12 Steps is a set of principles that guides the recovery of those who suffer from substance or behavioural addiction problems. 12-step recovery programme encourages members to practice Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness (H.O.W)— a key to sobriety and serenity. The collective sharing process help the newly recovering person to manage his/her impluses. Studies show that addicts who work the 12 Steps were three times more likely to be alcohol or drug-free following their primary treatment, compared to those who did not.

Understanding Addiction (for FAMILY)
This educational workshop targets family members those struggling with addictions. After the session, family members gain insights into the behaviour and issues of the recovering individual. They learn about how to support the individual on the path of recovery effectively, identify the emotional and psychological barriers involved and set more realistic expectations on the recovering individual. Most of all, family members learn how to take care of their own emotional and mental needs, and where to seek support, during these challenging times. 

  Families in Recovery through Education and Empowerment  

FREE stands for Families in Recovery through Education and Empowerment. FREE is a workshop for the family members of addicted ones. 

Date: Every 2nd Monday of the Month except Public Holiday

Upcoming workshop: 13 Nov 2017

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  Mindfulness for Recovery  

Mindfulness for Recovery is an open group to learn and practice mindfulness. Mindful practice aims to help participants to break away from their own destructive habitual patterns. All facilitators have personal experience practicing mindfulness. 
This group is catered for people with a history of addictions, reactive behaviours and/or mood disorders. 

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