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December 2016  

I was a cheerful and carefree man. Strangers feel comfortable around me because I socialise well. Life started to go downhill when a colleague introduced me to synthetic opiates. Never did I expect, I ended up hooked for 10 years. At 36, I felt lost and directionless. I isolated myself and keep my problems to myself. My future felt so bleak. I kept asking myself, "Am I going to use throughout my life?" Drugs turned me into a shadow of my former self.

When I wanted to stop, I shared my problems to a psychologist. He referred me to NAMS for medical detoxification. During the detox, I got to know about WE CARE as a drop-in centre. I know that I cant be alone. Whenever I am alone at home, I am triggered to use. Overcoming triggers alone is a major struggle. My negative thinking led me back to active using. This vicious cycle continues. Therefore, I decided to give WE CARE a try.

During the first visit to WE CARE, I felt awkward and couldn't connect with the staff and drop-ins. I thought that 'this place works for others but I questioned if this place will work for me'. Luckily, a drop-in member reached out to me which made me feel comfortable. After dropping in daily, I feel more comfortable with the rest of the drop-ins. Staying connected with the people at WE CARE helped me to stay away from drugs. We have meals together, exercise together and attend programmes as a group.

WE CARE is a safe place, where my triggers are manageable. Whenever I feel a desire to use, the power of the group help me overcome the trigger. If I have issues, I have friends to share. WE CARE is a safe and comfortable place. I learn that it takes time to build relationships. Upon reflection, I wouldn't know how I can spend the day time without using, without WE CARE.

*name has been changed due to confidentiality reasons.



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